Water consumption matters


Verto is Finland's leading manufacturer of household-specific water metering systems, with more than 30 years' experience. The meters provide reliable, remotely accessible readings and the system is easy to use.

The typical Finn consumes 90–270 litres of water per day*. The average consumption in Verto homes decreases by 30%, but even after this, some people consume more, while others consume less. Accurate meter readings are important for consumers and for people creating bills.

VertoLive is a uniquely smart user interface for precisely monitoring household-specific water consumption. All it needs is a web browser – no separate software is required – and it automatically transfers data to a cloud service.

VertoLive is hassle-free. Household units automatically send data every day. You can monitor data specific to housing companies or individual homes in one place with one login. Consumption readings are easy to export from VertoLive for billing. Verto is good for the environment, and saves time and effort.




Bills can be generated quickly. The system supports our work and saves time.

—Johan Nyholm, Porvoon OP-Isännöintikeskus


Porvoon OK-Isännöintikeskus manages approximately 1,200 Verto homes. The companies have been working together for years. The reason is simple: Johan Nyholm and his personnel have had highly positive experiences with the Verto metering system.

A few of Isännöintikeskus' sites use meters from other manufacturers. These solutions have been disappointing and Nyholm would like to swap them for Verto's products. 

"Verto is better than its competitors," he states.

What makes Verto better than the rest? One factor is the expertise that the company has accrued as a leading firm in Finland.

"Our contact person is Tapio Rask, and he can answer any question we ask of him," Nyholm says.

The building secretaries working for Porvoon OP-Isännöintikeskus create bills. Nyholm, the Managing Director, has discussed the matter with them and says that the remote reading function of the Verto water metering system has been a great help in their everyday work. 

"Bills can be generated quickly. The system supports our work and saves time."