Housing companies recommend Verto



Verto is a supplier that we can heartily recommend. A Finnish company that also develops new solutions.

—Kaarlo Sell, as Oy Mechelin

The residents in Kaarlo Sell's housing company have been paying for their hot water at consumption-based rates for several years now. When it was time to renovate the plumbing in the building, it was natural to switch to consumption-based billing for cold and hot water.

Kaarlo Sell is the chairman of the board of directors of the as Oy Mechelin housing company, and he led the renovation project on behalf of the housing company. He found out everything there is to know about different water metering systems in a process of reading, research and comparison.

"The decisive factors were that Verto is a Finnish product and has good customer service," Sell says.

Naturally, it takes more than simply being Finnish to win the argument. Kaarlo Sell went to great lengths to choose the right product: he even installed Verto water meters in his own home to test them. The device and the system proved so good that the decision was simple, and he has had no regrets.

"It is a large housing company with a lot of tenants. Real-time remote reading makes it easy to take a final reading when tenants change and there have been no more complaints," Sell says, highlighting one of the many benefits of the Verto system.

In addition to the technology, Kaarlo Sell is also satisfied with the service he has received.

"Tapio Rask from Verto has familiarised himself with the conditions here like a true expert. Whenever problems have arisen, he has simply taken care of them," he says.

Kaarlo is also happy to see that Verto has its sights fixed on the future.

"Verto is a supplier that we can heartily recommend. A Finnish company that also develops new solutions," he says, referring to the forthcoming VertoLive mobile service.