Saving energy


When you save water, you also save energy

Many people are willing to drive a little further to save a bit of money on petrol. People also keep a close eye on their electricity bills. All the while, water is used with abandon without a thought to how much it is costing.

Thanks to fixed water charges, few people have given any thought to the fact that considerably more money is spent on water than electricity. Water is actually one of the biggest items of household consumption, as water also consumes energy.

By saving water, you can also save energy, the environment and money.


Up-to-date metering offers the greatest savings

According to Motiva, household-specific water meters reduce water consumption in housing companies by an average of 15–20%. In Verto homes, water consumption decreases by an average of 30%.

This is because Verto meters are always up to date, and it is clear and easy to track consumption in your own home using the household display.

On top of this, when you use the Verto system, your bills will always be based on your actual consumption. You can save money with every bill – there is no need to wait until the balances are checked at the end of the year. Verto provides more motivation to save water than other water meters.


Verto is hassle-free and reliable

Verto is an accurate, hassle-free water meter that does not need anyone to come and read it.

All metering data is automatically transferred to the building manager's system. As such, it is not necessary for someone to visit every household and read every meter, nor do residents need to report their own consumption on endless forms. Residents can also wave goodbye to the hassle of having someone searching through their home for the water meter.

Verto transfers consumption data reliably, accurately and on time – a refreshing change from paper-based consumption reporting.


Did you know that a leak can end up costing thousands?

A small, seemingly harmless leak in a tap or toilet can quickly become very expensive.

A leak the size of a thread of cotton in a tap can waste approximately 30,000 litres of water every year. A constantly leaking toilet could be sending EUR 200 into the sewer every week – this would add EUR 10,000 to the annual water bill!