Investment calculator

Household-specific water metering is the most profitable energy investment

Extra thermal insulation for a building pays for itself in 10–20 years. The cost of improving the windows can be recouped in 5–10 years.

Because water is expensive, the most profitable energy investment is saving water. Verto systems pay for themselves within 3–5 years on average, including installation.

The one-off cost of the investment averages approximately EUR 6 per square metre of floor area.

According to Motiva, household-specific water meters reduce water consumption in housing companies by an average of 15–20%. In Verto homes, water consumption decreases by an average of 30%.

Use the investment calculator to calculate the system's break-even period in your housing company.


Investment calculator

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The Outputs:

Water price at current consumption rate - € / people, month
Saving potential (with approx. 40% hot water) - litres
Total saving -

=> Break-even period of the Verto system - years

The calculation presumes that each household has two flow sensors. The investment costs include the purchase price of the meters as well as the installation costs in conjunction with a building renovation.