Up-to-date information, always available

VertoLive makes it easier than ever before to manage water charges

VertoLive is a browser-based user interface for the Verto system, enabling building managers to monitor water consumption in housing companies and homes directly from their own desk. VertoLive is accessed using a web browser – no other software is required.

All VertoLive data is automatically updated over the internet and consumption data is easy to transfer from VertoLive directly to a billing system. This enables meters to be read and bills to be sent quickly, based on precise, up-to-date information.

The VertoLive service enables consumption data from several different houses and housing companies to be monitored right down to individual households, all with the same building manager's user account. The system displays an alert in the event of a suspected leak or other anomaly, so this information can be quickly passed on to the maintenance company.

VertoLive offers unique benefits


Up-to-date information always available

Household units automatically send data to VertoLive every day. VertoLive can be used wherever there is an internet connection.


Easy reading and billing

Accurate and up-to-date consumption readings can be exported from VertoLive directly into billing software.


Centralised monitoring

Several housing companies' data – for companies as a whole and for individual households – is available in one place.


Rapid alerts

Alerts of leaks and other disruptions are shown directly on the terminal device for each household. Maintenance orders can be sent directly to the maintenance company.


Handy reporting

Easily adaptable reports for companies or specific households over different periods.


Targeted billing

Water bills can also be retrospectively targeted precisely to individual days – a useful function if the occupant of a unit changes.