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Added value from Verto’s smart water metering

Verto is a better choice for everyone

Did you know that eliminating fixed water charges will improve rent competitiveness and increase rental income? The household-specific Verto water metering system also serves the resident, as consumption habits can be adjusted based on the data. Our new VertoPro smart water service makes water billing on the property unprecedentedly easy.

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The first comprehensive smart water service

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Water consumption data at your disposal

The household-specific water metering system provides valuable water consumption data. Discrepancies in consumption data help detect and locate equipment failures and water leaks, improper installation, and leaking toilet bowls. In the long run, the data will help you choose equipment, identify potential energy savings, and evaluate the property's energy performance.


Make a profitable energy investment

Because water is expensive, the most beneficial energy investment is saving it. The average payback period for the Verto system is 3–5 years, including installation. We also always carry out a final inspection at Verto sites, after which our system and equipment come with a five-year warranty.



The leaflets and user guides of the Verto system can be downloaded from our material bank.

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