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Verto helps you save time and effort

Verto’s household-specific, remotely readable water metering system makes gathering and monitoring water consumption data easy and carefree. The VertoLive service helps you monitor the water consumption data of all your units from one place. The system also automatically notifies you of unusual leaks, malfunctions and meters in need of maintenance.


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Consumption data and billing up to date

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Benefit the whole housing company

Half of a modern apartment building’s energy bill consists of heating water. Installing Verto’s household-specific water metering system in the housing company will reduce the residents' water bills up to a third and, at the same time, reduce the energy costs of the whole property. Verto’s water metering system will pay off in a few years.



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"Verto system makes it easy to get water meter readings. After Verto, others have not even been considered."


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