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Responsibility at Verto

We at Verto believe that even small acts have power. As a Finnish water consumption expert and market leader, we play a significant role as part of society. We are constantly working to improve the reliability, safety and availability of our services and to reduce water and energy consumption in Finland.

This is how we do it 

  • We promote the international growth of Finnish water expertise as a member of the Finnish Water Forum.
  • We have been awarded the Key Flag badge as a sign of Finnish work and service in Finland. In addition, our VertoBlue system has been awarded the Key Flag for a product made in Finland.


  • We operate according to ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our supplier network is also committed to the system.
  • We are involved in the Sustainable Water Use project, launched by Motiva to study the impact of water consumption on energy consumption.

Verto is part of Rinki

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Verto is a member of the FIGBC

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