Components of the Verto system

The Verto water metering system consists of household-specific and property-specific modules.

System description

In households

Household-specific flow sensors are installed in each household, along with household units and household displays.

The household display enables residents to monitor their consumption of hot and cold water. The household display could be installed by the front door or in any other location where it is easy for residents to see.

Household units calculate the water consumption and send data to the collecting unit via the building's electricity network.


In buildings

A collection and remote reading unit is installed in the main electrical cabinet of each housing company.

All consumption readings can be obtained from the collection unit. The system can be read remotely using the mobile network or a static IP address to transfer data to the browser-based VertoLive system.


Placement of meters

When the placement of meters is planned, efforts are made to ensure that water enters the household via a single pipe so only one cold water meter and one hot water meter are needed for each household.

As the circulation of hot water ends before the hot water meter, the pipe system must be metered in such a way that the meter is as close to the water outlets as possible. According to building regulations, the "waiting time" for hot water may be a maximum of 10 seconds.


( Permanent connection )

1 x hot water

1 x cold water


2 x hot water

1 x cold water


2 x hot water

2 x cold water