Technical hardware details

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The updated EVN230 household display and VertoMobile app

HVAC NUMBER: 44 669 12

Water consumption readings for cold and hot water

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 25 mm (h x w x d)
Protection class: IP50
Ambient temperature: 0–40°C

Two advanced "TRIP measurement" features

TRIP1: Resettable reading display that shows overall consumption readings

  • This feature enables residents to monitor their overall consumption over specific periods such as a day, week or month

TRIP2: Resettable reading display that shows overall consumption readings as well as the time for which water is used

  • This feature enables residents to monitor the amount of water and time used for activities such as taking a shower.

Flow display

This feature enables the user to set the flow rates of water outlets in the home (view: l/min)

VertoMobile login details

Residents can log in to the VertoMobile app using the login details shown on the household display

Verto datasivu EVN2

Verto data page

Download the data page of Verto's EVN-230-2016-1 household display in PDF format.


Collection unit EVS-230

HVAC NUMBER: 44 669 11

Capacity: able to collect consumption data from 300 household units
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 48 mm (h x w x d)
Protection class: IP54
Supply voltage: 230 V, own branch circuit (10 A)
Ambient temperature: 0–40°C


  • Alert information on the display
  • Potential-free alert contact
  • Text message to a mobile phone


Water consumption for more than 4 hours

Electrical disturbances:

  • Short circuit in the sensor's measurement circuit
  • Sensor's measurement circuit broken
  • Disruption in the supply of electricity to the household unit

No consumption:

  • The sensor has not measured any consumption for a certain period

Additional ports: RS-232 port for a model or broadband.

Verto datasivu EVS-230

Verto data page

Download the Verto Collection Unit's EVS-230 data page in PDF format.


Household unit

HVAC NUMBER: 44 669 25

Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 33 mm (h x w x d)
Protection class: IP55
Supply voltage: 230 V
Ambient temperature: 0–40 °C

An RJ-45 cable is used to connect the display device to the household unit. A JM 20 installation pipe is used for the embedded installation of the cable.


Module 2 Standard connection
1 x hot water
1 x cold water

Module 3
2 x hot water
1 x cold water

Module 4
2 x hot water
2 x cold water

The household unit is programmed according to the flat number

Read more: System description »

Huoneistoyksikkö esitteen kuva

Verto data page

Download the household unit's data in PDF format.


Flow sensor V-15M

HVAC NUMBER: 44 670 10

(Hot and cold water)

Nominal size: DN 15 (R 1/2)
Pressure class: PN 10
Max. temperature: 70°C
Flow Q3: 1.6 m3/h
Flow Q3/Q1 = R40

Measurement precision:
±1% (50–1,600 dm3/h) 
±2% (20–50 dm3/h)

Length: 198 mm
Diameter: 48 mm
Rotation: R 1/2

Virtausanturi esite kuva

Verto data page 

Download the Flow sensor V-15M data page in PDF format.