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Verto's expertise at your service

Verto's accurate and real-time household-specific water consumption system can be installed in all newly built and pipeline renovation sites. You will receive design and technical support for your project from us. We carry out a commissioning inspection of Verto sites, after which our system and hardware come with a five year warranty.

The benefits of Verto


  • The lowest life cycle cost on the market
  • Suitable for all pipeline renovation and new construction projects

  • The technical support and design assistance of Finland's market leader at your service


  • Commissioning inspection and a five-year warranty
  • The investment will pay off in 3-5 years

Verto is a maintenance-free choice

The flow sensor of Verto's system has only one moving part and it does not require batteries to work. The service interval for a single flow sensor is one million liters, or about 15 years with average consumption. There is no need to worry about monitoring service intervals either, as the system notifies of sensors in need of maintenance.



Take a look at our instructions

You can find the electrical and HVAC work description models and design guidelines as downloadable files from our material bank for professionals.

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